Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vacation 6-7

The next morning we got to Disneyland early because we stayed close in a hotel. Still not till 10 but earlier than the last day. :) We spent the whole day at California Disney and seriously closed the place down! We hit everything! As soon as we got there we got fast passes to the World of Color. Then we went to the Bugs Life area where the kids got to go on a ton of rides. They were mostly little kid rides and there was no wait so it was a great way to start the day. 
 Bumper Bugs

Then Shane, Steve and Gracie went on the Tower of Terror. Not anything I wanted to do, or the kids, or Melissa. :) We hung out and waited for them and the picture was totally worth it. 
They are on the bottom right...Gracie is holding on to Steve and Shane for dear life! 

We walked through old town Hollywood and met up with Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We found a bunch of fun rides to do with the kids. And a bunch of Characters. I think the GI Joes were the best. 

Gracie and I went on California Screemin. This first real roller coaster I've been on since having kids. It was so fun! Then Shane and Steve went on. It really is a great ride. 

So then we went to Cars Land. 

That was awesome. The Mater ride was so fun and just flipped you around everywhere. We got ice cream at the Cone Motel and then we decided to go on the Radiator Springs Racers and the line was 70 min! Holy Cow! It was the only ride we had left to go on so we just toughed it out. Thankfully Steve and Melissa gave us their great ideas and we had a backpack full of lunchables, juice boxes and snacks. That helped us get through part of the line. Poor Heidi was so tired after two full days of Disney...she kept falling asleep.

 We let them play on our phones for a while, found a guy selling cotton candy and then finally got on ride. It was my absolute favorite ride! We all got into Lightening McQueen and started driving through the desert. Then the police car came out and told us to slow down, Mater went Tractor tipping and we even stopped at Luigi's for new tires. Then we pulled up to the starting line and the car behind us pulled up next to us. They shot off the gun and we took of in a car race! We went flying around the corners and over the hills. We beat the car next to us. It was so so fun!

By then it was getting dark and we went on a few more rides before going to the World of Color. Such a cool/crazy experience. It was basically a pavilion overlooking the pond where millions of fountains shot water up into the air. They showed scenes from different disney movies and played lots of songs. It  was really magical.  There was standing room only though and it felt kinda squished. The girls were tired and wanted to be held. We were all really tired when we left the park. Heidi fell asleep before we even got to our car! It was a perfect day. The girls were awesome, we hit all the rides and it was more fun than I could have imagined. Here are a few more pics from the day. 
 We made Gracie get Mouse ears too. She really didn't want to :)
 Me and my girls
 Going on the Jellyfish ride
 Wearing our mouse hats
At the end of the absolute favorite picture! 

That night we stayed in Tustin...we basically transfered the girls from the car to their bed. They were out cold! The next morning Stephania drove down to have lunch with us. It was so nice to catch up with her! We were going to go to the beach but we ran out of time. We went to Chipotle instead. :) Then that afternoon we headed to Simi Valley to stay with Hollyann and Erik. Thankfully it was a much more relaxing day. :) 

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