Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Vacation

This was the best. vacation. ever!!! We have been planning this trip for so long and after the year and a half of Shane in school and working full was totally needed! We had so much fun and fit so much in to such a short amount of time. I can't wait to do it again!

So our trip started early Thursday morning. The girls were so excited and they did such an amazing job the whole time. They loved being on the plane. They were absolutely perfect! They carried their own carry ons, walked through security like pros, watched movies on the laptop and played with play doh. Although they didn't sleep at all the whole excited I guess. We got off the plane, got our rental car...a Ford cool!!, and then hit up In N Out. It's always our first stop when we land in LA. :) We drove to Tustin to stay with Joel and Marilyn for a few days. She had a wonderful dinner for us and the Mix's came to hang out too. The girls loved finally meeting their cousin Isabelle. 

The next morning we headed south to San Diego to go to Sea World. It was an absolutely beautiful day. It started off overcast and cool so after spraying the girls down with sunblock I didn't do any of the adults. Big mistake! We all got sunburned. :/ But that didn't ruin any of our fun! We started out watching the sea otter show. So funny! The girls didn't quite get the story line but they loved watching the animals on stage. 

From there we went to see Shamu. The girls were so excited! They couldn't wait to get splashed! We sat in the second row of the splash zone. The girls were getting really antsy because everyone else was getting splashed and they weren't. Then all of a sudden a wave of water came over us. We were completely soaked! Then the girls were all...we don't want to get splashed! Gracie and I had the girls sweaters over our heads so we wouldn't get more wet and Heidi kept trying to hide under it too. :) We were all pretty drenched! Then we headed over to the Roaring Rapids ride. Heidi was too small but Natalie went with Shane and Gracie. Heidi and I watched from the bridge and took pictures. Poor little girl was freezing from being wet! When the ride was over we found this machine that you walk into and it dries you. Brilliant! The girls were much happier after that!

From there we went to the Shark tank. I got the greatest picture of Heidi with a shark swimming over her head. I thought the girls would be scared but they actually really liked it. Then we watched the dolphin show. That was the girls favorite. They loved watching the people swim with the dolphins and jump from those high platforms. It really was a neat show. They did so many tricks!   

After a very full day at Sea World we stopped at Shane's cousin's house for dinner. The girls got to play with their cousin Paloma and Lisa and Andy made us a wonderful dinner. We had a lot of fun catching up and the girls all loved playing together!  

On the way home, the girls both fell asleep in the car. When we got to the house we just put them in bed in their clothes. They didn't wake up even a little bit as we transfered them from the car. Then next morning they couldn't figure out why they were still in their clothes. Pretty funny. :) That morning we went out for breakfast with Tommy, Stephanie, her mom, Isabelle, Marilyn and Joel at this awesome place in Pasadena. It's called Barney's Beanery and if you are ever in the area get the California omelette...its super yummy. Shane got the bacon stuffed pancakes and they were really good too. Afterwards we went to the park to let the kids play. They kicked the soccer ball around and even threw the frisbee with some of the adults but I just laid back on the grass and enjoyed the weather. :) Our perfect morning/afternoon ended with ice cream at Fosselman's before heading to Camarillo for the next part of our trip. :)

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Caryn Mellecker said...

Really, really loved seeing all the great pictures. So great seeing all the fun you had!