Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vacation Day 8

Our last day at Disneyland! Being at Disneyland for 3 days was awesome. Such a huge treat for our family. But even getting so many days to experience everything...I feel like we just barely got our feet wet. Don't get me wrong, we did a massive amount of things in the time we had. It's just Disneyland! There still so much more that we missed! :) I'm already trying to plan another trip!!
So our last day was spent at Disneyland with Hollyann, Erik, Savannah and little baby Joshua. We went on Star Tours first and then got a fast pass to Space Mountain. Everyone thought we were crazy for letting Heidi go on that ride. But my kids are crazy! My girls absolutely loved Space Mountain! I had Natalie sitting next to me and I was worried about if she was scared or not because that ride is so dark I couldn't see her face! Then she started laughing because she was having so much fun. 

So in the very back its Savannah and Erik, then Natalie and Me, then Heidi and Shane and Gracie in front. All day long Heidi kept asking if we could ride it again. It was her favorite ride! Then we went on Autopia. Both girls thought it was the coolest thing ever to get to drive a car!

 I love how Heidi is really watching the road!
Then we headed over to the Matterhorn. We walked by the height chart and it looked like Heidi would be fine. Honestly she just missed it by probably less than a half inch! Her little heart was broken! She was so so sad! Then we took some group shots in front of the cool waterfall. 

We hit up Pirates of the Caribbean again and then Splash Mountain. Heidi wanted to sit in front this time. I have to say...we got the funniest picture. Gracie was holding on to Heidi because I just knew she was gonna fly out of the ride. She knew where the camera was this time and threw out a funny pose. I didn't have a kid to hold onto so I threw my hands up in the air but no one else did. Hollyann looks terrified and Natalie is laughing. You can't see Shane or Savannah because I'm totally blocking them. So silly. :)
We also made sure to get a good seat for the parade since we hadn't done that any of the other days. We sat and hung out for a while. Erik bought Gracie a caramel apple and she was in heaven! The girls were super excited when the floats started showing up. 
  You can't even tell but let me just give you a heads up...braces and caramel apples do not mix! 
 I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip...its just so sweet!
 These were the cutest floats. 
We also got to meet a bunch of characters today. 
 No line for the storm trooper...yay!
 Tiana on the other hand was a pretty long wait. But the girls were awesome and Tiana was really sweet to them. :)
Tinkerbell was by far the longest wait. She was about 45 minutes and I really thought for that long we would have met some of the other fairies too! It was really cute though...the whole area was called Pixie Hollow and there were little fairy houses all around.
 When you got close, everything got really big so you'd feel the size of a fairy. It was really cute! I didn't know it but the girls were not supposed to sit on the flowers. Good thing I got a cute picture first!! :) 
 Tinkerbell was so cute and she was really sweet with the girls. She asked them a bunch of questions and gave them all hugs. 
 After the parade we all went on Indiana Jones. We went in batches so someone could stay with Heidi and Joshua. Natalie was so excited to get to go on a big kid ride! She said it was her favorite. :) On the way out of the park it was super crazy. So many people!! I had been waiting to get the kids souvenirs till we were leaving the park but it was too crazy for me and we just left. Luckily, right by the exit we found Mickey Mouse! I have to say I think they should have 10 Mickey's walking around the park at all times. You shouldn't go to Disneyland and miss the chance of seeing Mickey Mouse! But thats just me. :) 
 I made sure I got a picture with him too. :)

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