Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Georgia Aquarium

We had such a fun day! This morning we took the girls to go vote. Whatever happened to going in the booths and closing the curtain behind you anyway?? When did they change that? Okay, so after voting we drove out to Atlanta and took the girls the the Georgia Aquarium. It was so cool and so huge! We were there for hours. We started out with the dolphin show. It was kind of like a broadway show meets SeaWorld. The dolphins were really cool but the broadway part of it was just strange. :) We went in a tunnel through the ginormous fish tank, the girls got to pet the manta rays and sea urchins, and they even had a little playground.
While we were waiting for the dolphin show to start
They had this little tunnel through the penguin tank so the kids could feel like they were "with" the penguins. :)

They loved getting to pet the animals  
This was my favorite part of the aquarium. The girls walked into this little area and the guy asked them their names. As soon as they told him the little fish on the screen, "Deepo" said hi to them each using their names. They would ask Deepo questions and she would answer them back. Shane and I kept looking around trying to figure out how she knew what was going on. The girls loved it! Then we went to see a 3D movie about Deepo and his friends. We all wore our 3D glasses and we sat in the front. Every time the fish would swim toward us the girls would try to bat at them with their hands. The best part was when the fish would splash, they actually splashed us with water. 
This is the big tank we got to walk through. 
 This whale shark was HUGE! 

This area had sunlight coming through the water and they simulated waves. It was so beautiful! 

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