Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

It has been so nice with Natalie not being in school! Mornings are slow and lazy and I've been planning something different each day for us to do. Monday we had some friends over in the morning to play and in the afternoon we went to the dentist. Surprisingly, the dentist is something my kids get excited about. We have a great dentist and they love the whole new toothbrush thing. :) This was Natalie's second time so she went first. Heidi wasn't scared at all...she just hopped right on the chair. It was so cute. :)
 The light was too bright for Natalie...she wanted to wear sunglasses.

Yesterday I took the girls to the ceramic arts place. No pictures. :( The girls made some Christmas gifts. It was really fun. Heidi was probably too young to go. She kept globbing the paint on there and then changing her mind and painting the same thing over and over again in different colors. 
Today I took the girls for a mani-pedi. It was so much fun! They had these two little kid pedicure chairs  and they got to soak their feet in water that kept changing colors. They got their feet scrubbed and rubbed and then got their toes and fingers painted. They were adorable! 

Now we are ready for all our Thanksgiving parties! I can't wait. :)

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