Saturday, November 10, 2012

Going to the Fair

We took the girls to the local fair for the 1 hour of free rides special. We do it every year but each year they go on more rides. This year we went with my parents, Dana, Nokie, my mom's friend Lisa, Eben, Luca and Winnie. We went on the big slide first and then let the girls pick what rides they wanted to go on. Both of the girls wanted to go on the ferris wheel this year. They had never been on it and I was a little worried that they might get too scared. When Shane got to the front of the line they said Heidi was too small and that she couldn't ride with them. Her poor little heart was broken! She cried and cried! Shane and Natalie ended up going with Eben and Luca and I stayed with both of the little girls. Thankfully we cheered Heidi up with a ride on the caterpillar "roller-coaster." After we went on all the rides we got lunch. Seriously the best corn dogs I have ever had. AMAZING! I happen to love corn dogs and we don't live near a place that sells them, so whenever the fair comes around that is my main reason for going. :) 
Natalie was big enough to go by herself this year

 Eben, Luca and Natalie on the ferris wheel
 The view...our house is just past those trees on the left.  :)
 My cute girl. She LOVED the ferris wheel! 
 The merry-go-round
 The dads chillin' on the ride
 Natalie and Luca and the motorcycle ride
 Heidi and Winnie on the bumble bee ride 
 Yay for the caterpillar ride! Heidi and Nokie grabbed the very front and Natalie and Luca were right behind them. Future dare devils. :)

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