Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday, Shane went to Natalie's school to carve a pumpkin with her. He did a My Little Pony pumpkin. :) Natalie was so excited and LOVED having her daddy at school with her! Heidi was sad because she wanted to do a pumpkin too so we did one together. She helped me scoop out all the gooey stuff and then instead of carving a face on it we used cookie cutters. (Thank you Pinterest) She held the pumpkin and I used a mallet to make star cutouts all around the little pumpkin. When the girls got home they put sticker faces on the tiny pumpkins and we glued pink yarn on them for hair.

Tonight the girls were so excited to get into their costumes. They were ready to go an hour before we actually took them out trick-or-treating. We still went out pretty early...I think we were the first ones out  in our neighborhood. :) The girls had so much fun! Shane and I both walked around with them and it was really nice getting to see all our neighbors. After taking them around the block, we came back home and they passed out candy. They would each take huge handfuls to give each kid. Thankfully we had plenty of candy! 

 With their friends Winnie and Luca
 My cute little mermaids

 Such pretty girls!

Ahh! She looks so grown up!

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