Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Such a great weekend! We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday and with Shane's family on Friday. 
Thursday we got up late, watched a movie with the girls and then Shane went to play football with some friends. I started working on a tree skirt that I found on Pinterest and the girls played together. Just a wonderfully relaxing morning. We went to my parents house for an early dinner. It was a gorgeous day so we ate outside on the patio. She had to put 3 tables together for us all to fit! The food was amazing as usual. All of our places had questions for us to answer. The best part was Natalie reading her own question out loud. I was so proud of her! No one had heard her read before and they were very surprised! I took a bunch of pictures of the family too. This was probably the last big family meal before Luke leaves for boot camp so it was really special. 
 Colie and Gracie
 Mom and Dad
 Colie and Mom
Me and Gracie
 The guys watching football
 Me and Nan
 Mom, Luke and Daddy
 Mom with the girls
 Mom and Dad
 Mom and Natalie
That night I finished my tree skirt. It was so easy and it turned out perfect. If you want to make is the link. This is how mine turned out. :)
So then Friday we had another wonderful day. Nice and lazy in the morning...I think I even took a nap. We headed over to Shane's parent's house and all the kids played in the backyard. I took some family pictures for Sabrina that turned out pretty awesome. Natalie started feeling a little punky so we put her in the back bedroom with the tv while we ate dinner. She didn't want to eat, poor thing. We had another really good dinner and then I took Natalie home. Heidi and Shane stayed and Heidi loved getting to play with Ava. 

 The table was set so nice! 
 All the kids playing on the piano sounded lovely. :)
 Heidi and Ava
 Shane and Rose Marie
Colby and Sabrina

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Kirk said...

We sure have beautiful women and girls in our family. We are truly blessed. Love you. Daddy