Saturday, December 8, 2012

What a Week!!

Holy Moly! This week has been insane. Monday morning Heidi's allergies were out of control. She was blowing her nose every 5 minutes and eyes were running all day. So I called the doctor just to see if she needed a change in her allergy meds. After her nap she woke up with a fever and was burning up all afternoon. Natalie came home from spending time with my mom and Heidi all of a sudden was fine. But Natalie fell asleep on the couch at 6 and was burning up all through the night. The next morning they let me bring both girls together. Natalie's whole throat was swollen. You could literally look at her and see that her throat was swollen. She had strep throat and the doctor said Heidi did too. We got them both on meds but for some reason Natalie's strep was a million times worse than Heidi's. Heidi never got another fever but Natalie had a fever for...well today was the first day that she didn't have a really high fever.  The poor girl! Really! She has been so so sick. I even had to take her back to the doctor on Thursday because she had blisters all over her tongue. Not a big deal I guess but it totally freaked me out! I'm really hoping that she has a full and complete day of no fever tomorrow so that she can go to school on Monday. 

 This is pretty much where we stayed all week. Natalie wanted me close to her every minute. Heidi, on the other hand was not even allowed to touch her on accident or she would freak out. It was a very emotional week for her too. 

Today was much better. It actually felt a little bit more like normal. Natalie still isn't eating. She is pretty much living off of gatorade, Dannon smoothies and the applesauce pouches that you basically drink. Anyway...the girls remembered today that they haven't taken any circles off their Christmas countdown chains and they haven't opened any of their advent boxes. Today was make button ornaments and it was so fun. A perfect craft for two girls who are still pretty weak but wanted to do something besides watch tv. :)

 Such an easy fun craft. Florist wire and some buttons. They picked out the buttons, put them on the wire and then we closed it up to make a button wreath. They turned out really cute!

 Natalie organized her pattern out before she put them on the wire! :)

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Kirk said...

Sure glad the girls are feeling better. It was kind of lonely around here without them. Really liked their button wreaths, great idea. Love you. Daddy