Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free Bowling

I found this awesome deal where kids bowl free all summer. It's so great. Kids 15 and under bowl free and I bought a pass for myself to bowl all summer for $30 along with 3 friends. How cool is that? So I can go with Shane, or Dana and I can take the girls or I can go with some friends. It is at all AMF bowling centers so if you want to sign up here is the link...Free Bowling. I've been twice already. One time with some friends and then today we went as a family. I little more crowded on the weekends! I think we will stick to weekdays! It was fun though. We shared a lane so we had the bumpers...that kinda made it interesting. Shane likes to spin the ball and make it curve around and a few times it hit the bumpers and went off in weird directions. :)

 Shane's spin
 Crazy girls
 Helping Heidi get the ball down the lane
 She got the hang of it

 She is so silly

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