Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Arsenal

Natalie, Heidi and Nokie are all on the same soccer team this year and they had their first game last night. It was so cute! Natalie was a little shy at first. She didn't want to take the ball from anyone. But the second half she remembered she was supposed to take it away from the other team and she did awesome. She made 3 goals. :) Heidi had a blast! She has some pretty good moves for her first time playing. Her only problem is that after she would snag the ball from the other team and then whip around to kick it toward her goal, she would look up to see if we were watching her and then wave. While she did that someone else would take the ball back. It was very fun to watch. :) Nokie did well too. She chased the ball all over the field and even kicked it a few times. Pretty good for her very first time. 
  I took some pictures of the girls before the game
 Heidi was trying to do the same pose but couldn't keep her balance.  
 But she got it. :)
 This was the pose they came up with
 These are their numbers
 Heidi, Nokie and Natalie on the Arsenal
 Heidi diving for the ball
 She wasn't afraid to get right in the mix
 This is her..."Are you watching me" look....the one that distracts her from the ball! 
 One of Natalie's goals

Nokie did so good!

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