Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zoo Day!

I think it's kinda funny that even with all the reminders you get about Daylight Savings Time...I still totally forgot. I got up this morning and my cell phone was an hour later than my alarm clock. Since we missed church, I decided to talk Shane into taking the kids to the zoo. Who needs to study anyway, right? We had so much fun! The girls are so big now and it was just really different from the last time we were there. We didn't bring any strollers! The girls walked the whole time. It was pretty empty too...I guess everyone else remembered the time change and made it to church on time! They loved being able to run and look at everything they wanted to see. It turned out to be a really fun day. :)

 The merry-go-round is always a favorite
  They are standing like flamingos

 Heading in to see the penguins...Natalie's favorites! I just love these three. :)
 We saw the gorilla exhibit and it was really cool! 
 Sharing their icee. Half aqua (blue raspberry) and half pink (pink lemonade). :)
Every time we go to the zoo we always try the photo booth and every time it is not working. Seriously...for like the past 4 years! Today it worked and we had so much fun with the girls! They kept looking at themselves instead of into the camera...pretty cute!
 Last picture of the day. Such a fun spur of the moment day!

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Kirk said...

You were smart getting the year pass just for this kind of occasion. Can't wait to go back myself. Always a very fun day. Love you. Daddy