Sunday, March 25, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

They had an Church Easter Egg Hunt today. It was so much fun. They had it at a local residence that had a huge grass lawn and a pond with a playground. Everyone brought blankets and chairs and a picnic dinner. I had never been before so we just showed up. Shane had to study so I took the girls and picked up Dana, Nokie and Gracie and we all went together. We hung out and let the kids play. They had the easter egg hunt divided into age groups. Heidi and Nokie went first with the 3 and under group. Heidi actually got the most eggs...18...and got a prize. Then it was Natalie's turn and we all watched and cheered her on. She got 18 too. Natalie and Gracie watched all the big kids search for eggs too while Dana, Nokie, Heidi and I went back to hang out with the grown ups and the kids ate their candy. :) It was a really fun time. We didn't stay for dinner but next year I think we definitely will! 
 Natalie playing soccer with her friend Luca 
 Heidi was so excited to look for eggs!

 I love this shot of Natalie...right before they told her she could go look :)

 Nokie, Heidi and cute!

Then tonight...I just had to add these pictures. Shane was teaching them how to show their muscles. Cutest things ever!
 Thats a starburst in her mouth from one of her Easter eggs. :)
Heidi got shy when I pulled my camera out!

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