Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring is Here

 It has been so beautiful here lately! Our trees are starting to bloom, the kids have been playing outside and the weather has been perfect. Today we made a trip to Home Depot...yay! Haven't done that in a while. We've been too busy and it's been too cold for any outdoor projects. When we got home we worked in the yard while the girls played. Shane mowed the back yard while Heidi mowed the front with her toy mower. Natalie helped me plant some bulbs. I have never done that before so hopefully they will bloom in a few months! We also bought paint while we were at Home Depot. My last painting project for the house. I've painted every room in the house except the kids/guest room. I'm in the mood to paint so hopefully that will get done this week! 
We also moved Heidi back into her old room today. The girls sharing a room was just not working! I would put them to bed at 7:30 and they would play, or fight, or whatever sometimes till 10 at night! I couldn't get them to go to sleep so now they are in their own rooms again. I'll probably switch them back later when Heidi gets a little older because they love it so much. For now this makes it easier on me. :)
Before I finish I have to show you some pictures of our beautiful Peppermint Peach tree in our backyard. It is my favorite tree and I wish I had 3 or 4 of them so the flowers would be all around my house. 

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Kirk said...

It's nice being outdoors again without being cold and uncomfortable although we can't complain too much about this winter. Love that tree of yours, may I'll have to get a couple myself. Well, maybe not. I'll let all the trees I planted last year grow first! Love you. Daddy