Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Colie

We celebrated Colie's birthday yesterday. It is so nice having them back in Georgia!! Everyone came over to my house and my Dad brought over his panini maker. Seriously...YUM!! Dinner was amazing! I bought all the fixings so that everyone could make their own sandwich. Then we lined them up in front of Dad and he made them all into perfection. :) After dinner we watched Colie open her presents and ended the night with dessert. Not a typical cake for Colie...she wanted that amazing pumpkin bread I wrote about a while back. Because the top had the yummy cinnamon topping on it, I could only fit in 6 candles. Colie was pretty happy. :)

 The girls made this for Colie...I drew the letters and they colored them in. 
 The food! It's seriously making me hungry again. :) 
 Colie and Nan
 Opening of her cool gifts was the entire Willow Tree Nativity set from Mom. 
 I gave Colie a funny card and when we all started laughing Natalie decided to start laughing too. Pretty cute kid! Then when I went to take a picture of Colie, Natalie leaned in. I don't know where she came from! :) 
Happy Birthday Colie!!

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