Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Shane

Today was a super busy day! Shane's nephew Joshua had his first birthday today so we celebrated at his house for lunch. Then we came back home, put the girls to bed and then got ready for Shane's party. All the family came over and we had pizza and a salad bar. It was so fun! Being on our diet, Shane wanted to splurge on pizza for dinner but we were still good with our home made salad bar. Seriously...the best dinner ever! We had three different kinds of pizza...the works, spicy Italian and Tuscan cheese. Then for the salad bar we had a huge bowl of lettuce, a bowl of spinach, diced hard boiled eggs, cheese, carrots, green onions, kidney beans, mandarin oranges, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell pepper, and crispy bacon bits...cooked fresh this morning. :) So yummy!
 I love our big table! Everyone always fits!
 Kingston makes the cutest he is showing me his teeth! :)
 I love this shot...Ava was just floating in the pool while the kids ran in the sprinklers...when she saw I was taking her picture she started laughing and I got this great shot.
 Shane and Kingston
 A cool golf shirt from Rose Marie. Love the color!
 Justin got Shane this visor with the fake hair looks so funny. He looks like Guy Fietti!
 I used white chocolate to spell happy birthday on the cupcakes for Shane. I did it on wax paper and stuck it in the freezer. They looked so awesome when I put then on...they were all standing up. But then this hot Georgia weather made them melt and lay flat!
 Heidi loved the cupcakes...I love her chocolate face!
Nat too :)

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Kirk said...

It was a great Birthday day, having a great cigar with Shane, Badra (sic)and Colby, coming home to a fabulous with a salad bar so great I almost forgot there was pizza and great gifts with Justin's gift being the home run with the Guy Fieri ball cap. Too much fun! The thing I missed though was Shane's cupcakes spelling out Happy 32nd Birthday. That was a great idea, guess I was just sitting in the wrong place to see. A great I love you. Daddy