Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lazy Days

These past few days have been so hot! We haven't been doing anything exciting...just staying inside and trying to keep cool. Which you think would transfer to blogging but I just haven't been taking pictures. So I uploaded my phone today and what do you know? I found out what I've been doing the last week or so! :)
Last week, Dana and I went to Atlanta and helped my brother Brent buy a whole new wardrobe. It was so much fun. We went through his closet and threw away everything that was old or ugly and then filled it with cool new stuff. He got three suits, a ton of shirts, ties, jeans and everyday shirts. It was a full day!
 His closet after we got rid of everything he owned...pretty much work out clothes were the only things left.
 Then we filled it with lots of good stuff

We also celebrated my Dad's birthday last weekend. He grilled this massively huge prime rib, the girls went swimming and we gave him his gifts. The girls bought him a jar of Jelly Bellys. We went to the store and they filled the bag. After dinner they got to pick out a couple to eat. 
 The girls filling the bag at Fresh Market
 Picking out jellybeans and then matching it to the chart to find out what flavor they are.

Then yesterday I let the girls finger paint outside. I put a couple of Shane's shirts on the girls and let them have fun. When they were done I squirted them off with the hose and let them play in the pool. 

These next couple weeks are going to be super busy. I'll try to keep you posted! :)

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Kirk said...

Great way to get back to your Blog. I really like the yellow tie you got Brent and your girls look so good in multicolored hands. We'll have to match them to our Jelly Bellies! Love you. Daddy