Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lights of the South

 Lights of the South is this really cool Christmas place here. They have a Santa, they have a playground, a christmas light maze, hot chocolate, a place to make smores and the best thing...a hay ride through a million christmas lights. The kids love it! They love it every year but each year they love it more. We went with my parents, Dane, Nokie and Becky. We went on the hay ride first. The girls sat on their knees in the front, holding onto the rail, pointing out the cool lights.  After the hay ride we let them play on the playground this year. Every other year it has been FREEZING! But this year it wasn't too bad. They got to play for a while, then we bought smore kits. Shane roasted the marshmellows. The girls didn't want to go near the fire. After they were all warm and gooey I put them in the graham cracker chocolate square sandwich. YUM!! It was so good. I don't even remember the last time I had smores. was a really fun night.
 At the end of the hayride you drive through this huge castle lit with Christmas lights.
 The girls playing in the gingerbread house
  The beginning of the ride starts in the rainbow tunnel.
 This was Christmas tree lane...all the trees  were different colors.
 The playground was really cool...this was a huge wooden train.
 This was a two story playhouse with slides coming out all sides! Heidi flew down the first time and landed on her face. The second time I made sure to catch her. :)
 They had two huge bonfires. Shane roasted the marshmellows for our yummy smores!
 Nokie loved the smores best! My kids tried a bite but weren't too sure about it. Nokie loved it. :)

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Kirk said...

That sure is a fun night. I can't wait until next year to go back. The hay ride through the woods and all the lights really puts you in the spirit and listening to the girls ooh and aah makes the whole evening. Love you. Daddy