Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cookie Party

 I had a bunch of friends and family over to enjoy all the cookies I made. It turned out really nice. We had coffee, hot chocolate and wine with all the different cookies. I had milk. :) There were monster cookies, sugar cookies with lemon glaze, fudge crinkles, rolo blossoms, chocolate brownie cookies, lemon bursts, and reeses peanut butter cup cookies. Thank goodness that most of the cookies were eaten! It is not a good idea to have that many good cookies hanging around!! :) 
 I had the girls wear their cute Christmas outfits. They looked soo cute!! Can you tell that I kinda like my girls?? :) I pretty much took a bunch of pictures hoping they would turn out. I couldn't get a perfect picture of both but I got an awful lot of cute pictures.

Heidi looked soo cute today. She stood by the tree and let me take her picture. Natalie didn't take a nap and was super wired. She couldn't sit still long enough for me to take her picture. She kept jumping up and down. I'm surprised I got any pictures of her at all!

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Kirk said...

Nat may have been crazy but you still got some great pictures. You definitely have some cute kids. Love you. Daddy