Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

What a great Christmas weekend! We had so much fun together as a family, with family and with friends. I took a million pictures too...just to warn you. :) So let me start with Christmas Eve. The guys went on their annual christmas eve shopping trip and I had Sabrina, Jaime, Jayden and Kingston over to decorate cookies for Santa. 
After naps we all went to the Candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. The girls loved it...for the most part. :) They loved the music and the singing. They were dancing in the aisles. Natalie got upset cause she couldn't go up on the stage and sing with the other people. :) When we sang Silent Night I had Heidi in my arms and we were swaying and singing together. I just felt very blessed to have my family and to be at church with my girls, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. After church we went home and fed the girls dinner and played a game of Candy Land. This was their first time playing and they were so cute! Natalie was just happy that she won...she's pretty competitive!
So Christmas morning was so crazy. Natalie woke up at 6 and tried to wake Heidi up but she was too tired. So she hung out in bed with us till 7. Every five minutes she would tell me something or aske me something. Pretty funny. My favorite one was...
"Mommy. Did you see Santa last night?" 
"No, Baby. I didn't."
"I did...I looked out my curtains and saw him and the reindeer flying in the sky."
"Really? That's pretty cool."
"You should look for him next time Mommy."
When Heidi woke up the first thing she did was clap her hands together and say "It's Christmas!" I love having kids! They waited at the top of the stairs till Shane got the fire going, turned on the Christmas lights and turned on the music. We did stockings and Santa gifts and then the rest of my family came over. It took us all morning to open gifts! 
 The girls with their Santa gifts
 Mom and Dad in their matching pajama pants. They say...That's How I Roll. :)
 Bub, Solongo and Nan
 Nokie wearing the jacket and hat that we bought her
 Heidi loved opening her own gifts
 Heidi got a harmonica in her stocking. She loved it and played it all day!
 Shane bought Natalie a computer game for Christmas. He set up a table with our old computer and had the game already set up so they could play. They really liked it.
 Nan bought the girls these little play ponies. Totally cute. Heidi ran around the kitchen saying Giddyup Horsey. :)
Shane and I gave the girls a dress up box for Christmas. I got a ton of stuff on sale after Halloween and it turned out pretty awesome. Tons of hats, fairy wings, bunny ears, fireman jacket and a couple frilly skirts. Heidi spun around and around trying to be a ballerina. Natalie just tried on everything. 
 After naps Jim, Rose Marie and Jaime came by to say hi. I love this picture of Shane and his mom.
 The cool jacket I got from Colie. I saw this when I was in Alaska and tried it on. It's my favorite color! I just can't believe that Colie bought it for me. :)
 This is my Christmas gift from Shane. I could not believe he bought them for me!! I tried them on a while ago but they were out of my price range. It was a huge surprise. :)
We went over to my parents house for dinner. Nan's yummy lasagna!!  Nokie looked so pretty in her Christmas dress. I just couldn't get her to smile for me.
 The girls coloring together.
 Heidi having a tea party with Becky
 Me and Dane
Daddy showed the girls how to put olives on their fingers and then eat them off. They thought that was pretty cool. 

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