Thursday, December 9, 2010

Decorating Outside

We went out today to get something for the front yard. Everytime we drive by anyone's house that has a blow up snowman or a wooden reindeer, the girls get so excited. We wanted to have them get excited about our house too. We got a great deal at Lowes for this big blow up jack in the box with penguins in it. The girls really love it. Shane got out all our Christmas lights and set it all up. He still hasn't done the hight point over the garage but when he does I'll post a picture of the finished look. I just wanted to post some pictures today of him putting up the lights and the girls playing in the front yard. It was a really fun afternoon! :)
 Heidi loves to be outside!
 These are our penguins. The front one doesn't blow up all the way...he stays kinda squished. :) This is the only shot I have of Shane hanging up lights....his shadow!
 Heidi was crying cause her sister went out without her. I don't know why she didn't just open the door! I think it was more the principle of the matter. :)
 The girls really love the penguins. We got it over half off cause it was the display...Yay!! I love a good deal!
The penguins are in a jack-in-the-box and it opens and shuts. Everytime it closed, Natalie would run away screaming/laughing cause she didn't want it to get her. Such a funny kid.

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Kirk said...

Can't wait to see your penguins! Too funny. Love you. Daddy