Thursday, June 10, 2010

When Life Gives You a LEMON, Make Lemonade!

So, just to preface, I am not a pro divorce person. I think people give up to easily and don't take the commitment of marraige seriously. But there are always exceptions to the rule. My wonderful sister married a lemon. She stuck by him through thick and thin and when times got tough he couldn't take it and he left her. We...her family....are so thankful that this is all over and Dana is finally able to move on with her new life. So we threw her a party today. :)
After her court hearing she came home to a house all decorated with lemons and yellow. We made a poster, bought balloons and the table looked awesome. Mom even made up a magazine cover. :)
We had crab legs for dinner and I made sugar cookies with lemon frosting and some lemon bars for dessert. All Dane's favorite.
The girls were really great while we were at Mom's house. They were both really cuddly and cute. Natalie got a mesquito bite on her face and she thought it was a boo boo and wanted a bandaid. Just to explain. Nokie and Heidi were sitting together watching Disney. It was a great day.

Cheers Dane! To a new and better life!

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Bree said...

You guys sure do know how to throw some awesome parties! What a fun way to celebrate!