Friday, June 4, 2010

The Things I Love

It has been such a long day! My girls have been wonderful but I've had a headache all day. It seems to make even the best of days seem long. So I've been thinking about all the good parts of my day today.

Natalie sleeping in! There is nothing better than sleeping a little longer in the morning.

Getting a good work out in at the Y. I really love my pilates class.

Heidi's hugs and kisses. I'm just not used to things like that. Natalie is not an overly affectionate child. She kisses and hugs but only when she feels like it. Heidi will spend 5 minutes straight hugging and kissing me. And her hugs...she wraps her little arms around my neck and squeezes me tight...really there is nothing sweeter.

My quesadilla maker. My brother bought me one almost 8 years ago for Christmas. I thought it was a strange gift but I use it all the time. A go to lunch when I can't think of anything else. If you want a fun new cooking gadget you can get one at Target. :)

Both of my girls taking a nap. It doesn't usually work out that way but today was a good day.

Going to Target. Just walking in the store makes me happy.

Mocha Frappuccinos...mmmm...with whipped cream and chocolate sauce on top.

Watching the girls color. My dad wasn't feeling well today so the girls each drew him a picture. Heidi drew circles in every different color. Natalie drew "sea lions" and then colored them in. Not bad for a three year old!

On Demand. Thank you Comcast for such a great invention!! How did people have kids before this?? I love being able to pick a show for them to watch that has no commercials, that we can watch whenever we want to and that they can pick whatever they want to watch. Allthough at the moment it is usually Caillou, Little Einsteins or Curious George.

So You Think You Can Dance. Another thing on TV to be thankful for but whatever. I love the show and I'm happy that it's on again.

Having Mom give me leftover lasagna rolls for dinner. Talk about amazing!Shane coming home after a long day and helping me put the girls to bed. He is truly an amazing husband and father. He makes my life so much easier and happier.

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