Monday, June 7, 2010

Loving Life

First off...I don't know how people do it. How do people have kids and still stay sane?? I love my kids to death and the scary thing is that I actually want more...a couple more. But even saying that my brain is like....what??? What the heck are you thinking?? It is so mentally exhausting to just get through the day. Answering all the whys, explaining myself over and over, hearing Mommy Mommy Mommy five million times a day, listening to cries and screams, solving fights and thinking of new ways to keep them entertained. But all it takes is one hug from Heidi or Natalie coming up with a cute new phrase and I'm melted into the floor. Heidi does this thing now where I will say to her, I.....Love.....You! and she will say it back to me. The words don't actually come out quite right but her timing is perfect. It really kills me. I could hear her say that a million times and still love it. And Natalie, that little girl has a brain!! She is always thinking of ways to reason with me or to talk me into what she wants to do. She keeps me on my toes!
These faces melt my heart!

So I'm realizing, as the days go by that being a mom is the craziest job ever. I love it and want to run as far as I can from it at the same time. Today was a long day but at the very end it was wonderful. Shane set up the Slip and Slide in the backyard for the girls and they had a blast. Natalie was playing on it while Heidi and I were at the grocery store and when we got back, Heidi just wanted to play. That's why she doesn't have her bathing suit on. :) They didn't really get the Slip and Slide thing but they had fun splashing in the water. 

They really loved playing in the water cute is she?

Shane has been working in the yard for the past two days and it's looking really great. I'll post more pictures when we are finished. 
Trying to be just like her Daddy

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