Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

A full day of festivities! We went to Shane's parents house for breakfast. I made Banana Blueberry muffins for breakfast and Shane made a fruit salad. Yesterday I helped the girls make Shane a small father's day gift. They made him bookmarks. They colored pictures on them and stamped their fingerprints on them. They had a blast and the bookmarks turned out pretty cute for their first craft project. :)
We came home for naps. Nat was worn out from spending the night at Mammy's and she took a three hour nap! I had to wake her up and it took her a while to get out of her sleepy mode. She sat on Shane's lap and they watched golf together...too cute!
We got some really great steaks for Father's Day. Dad and Shane were seriously drooling and then moaning and groaning over these steaks! I have to say...they were really good! I think this made their whole Father's Day!
He had to get a whole extra plate just for that massive steak!! He was a happy man!!

I made them a cheesecake for dessert. It turned out perfect! I once made a cheesecake for work and it turned out awful and I was soooo embarrased! So now when they turn out good I am really really happy! :) Anyway...yesterday chopped up some strawberries and threw them in a jar with a handful of blueberries and a little sugar. They got all yummy and goopy and I put them on top of the cheesecake. YUM!! I had at least two pieces. :)
I love how much the girls love Shane. They are totally Daddy's Girls! And I really love how much Shane loves them. He is an amazing Dad. I have such a great family! :)

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Caryn said...

Your pictures were amazing! The grill marks on those faboulouse steaks were great! And the fact that since you didn't take any pictures of the women in the family since it was a swim day and we were all wet and ugly was greatly appreciated. Those were the BEST steaks that I have ever had...and we even raised our own cows!!!! Perfect fathers Day...thanks to you and Susan!!!!