Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Nokie!

We celebrated Nokie's Birthday yesterday. Dane threw her a Tinkerbell party and all the girls got to dress up like fairies. They looked soo cute!
The grown ups put on fairy wings too...just for some pictures :)
The birthday cake was so pretty! Dana bought it at Baskin Robbins. It tasted yummy too! Nokie didn't like it though. She was too scared to blow out the candle and she doesn't really like cake. :) I think she ended up having a few bits of the ice cream part.
It was a fun day. Natalie really loved dressing up in her fairy costume. The other girls, not so much. I'm sure that they will have fun playing dress up in them again and again as they get a little older. Here are a couple more cute shots from the day. 

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Bree said...

What a cute party and part idea!!!! It's crazy how much you and your sister look alike! Gorgeous!