Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today I took Heidi in for her 18 month checkup. She is actually a little over 18 1/2 months but whatever. She was so happy the whole time. She kept playing with the seat belt on her stroller...she is obsessed with seat belts lately. She likes to click it all by herself! The doctor said she was doing great. She passed all the importatnt milestones. She is 22.4 lbs and 31.5 inches long. He did say she has a big head....must get that from her daddy! :) After the doctor appointment we went for shots. We sat in the waiting room and played the "Where is your....(insert body part)?" That game makes her very happy. When we were actually ready to get shots, the nurse asked her if she was ready and she nodded her head yes. She had no idea what was coming...so sad! She was happily looking around the room at all the cute pictures when the first shot came and she was not very happy! Thankfully the nurse was very quick and I got to pick her right up. She was much better after she got her sticker. She got her chicken pox vaccine today which is a live virus vaccine. Kinda freaks me out a little.

I let the girls color today. I let Natalie color all the time...she loves coloring and is really good at it. Heidi on the other hand...not so much. She likes to color for a little bit, then she'll move to coloring on the table and then she'll start throwing the crayons. But...this time I caught them being cute together before the chaos started. :) I just love my girls!


Caryn said...

Heidi on the other hand...not so much...that made me laugh. (c:

Caryn said...

I LOVE those blue eyes!!! How can you have two girls so unbelievably adorable?