Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little Heidi Bear

Heidi is 18 months old. She is hysterically funny...she definitely has her own personality. It's hard to capture her looks on camera. She has so many of them and she is really quick! She learned a lot of new words last month. Her list so far is...Mommy, Daddy, cheese, Bumpa, Natalie (Na Ya), De De, Nana, outside, banana, no no no no no, down, and all done. She has no fear and is a crazy daredevil. You should see all her bruises, cuts and scrapes! She goes down the slide, swings on the big girl swing and does not want help with anything. But the funny part is that she is very much a shy momma's girl who doesn't go near anyone she doesn't know very very well. :)

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