Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For those of you who don't know, it's Master's week. (That's a golf tournament) So for the people who live here that means schools are closed, people who live here leave, restaurants are twice the price, and you don't go anywhere near downtown because of all the people. It's pretty crazy. So Shane and I weren't thinking and we headed to the zoo...which is what everyone else with kids was thinking too. It was pretty crowded but we still had fun.

The penguins were by far the best part of the whole day. Natalie loves penguins! They were swimming like crazy and whenever they would swim by she would get that look on her face. She was just soo happy!

We let the girls feed the birds. Natalie is really good at it. Heidi just liked to watch. One of the birds climbed right onto Shane's hand and ate the food. I, on the other hand, don't like birds. I just took the pictures!

The lion was actually out and walking around. Very cool. They had lots of active animals actually. The tiger kept growling at everyone...kinda scary! I kept thinking of all those tigers that escape and eat people. We moved by him pretty fast. The bears were wrestling with each other too. It was really fun. Giraffes are Natalie's other favorite animal. There were a lot of people around the giraffes so we weren't able to see them as close as some of the other animals.

When we went to the aquarium, Natalie would sit on the ledge right next to the fish. She kept pointing to all the fish and she tried to make fishy faces to them. This was her fishy face. :)

After the zoo we let the girls play outside while I made dinner. Heidi is so crazy! They were both just playing on the grass and in the dirt and the next second I look outside and she is up in the playhouse! She went down the slide all by herself. There was so much static that her hair would stand straight up! Too funny! The weather was so beautiful we all ended up playing outside.

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Caryn said...

I lOVE your blog...even when I can't be with you I get to see how much fun you're having. This is the greatest thing!