Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Day At The Zoo

We went to the zoo again today...or yesterday I guess. We went during the week without Shane. My van was filled to the brim! Three babies and four adults. We drove the hour and a half to the zoo and when we got there it was crazy field trip day or something. There were at least a dozen buses filled with kids. It's not really that big of zoo to have that many people in it. :) We still had fun though. Dane brought a leash thing for Nokie but Nokie was happy in the stroller or Dane's arms so I put it on Heidi. I have never been one to like the idea of leashes for kids. Just seems a little strange. But...I have to say it was the greatest thing least for Heidi. She is a crazy run everywhere before you even know she's gone kind of girl. She had a blast running around the entire zoo not really realizing that I had hold of her. She loved the aquarium. She ran from fish tank to fish tank. Very cute. I love this shot of Dane and's cool how their reflections are showing.
This is a pretty cool shot of my mom and Natalie too. That big 'ol lion walking around in the background was awesome.
Dad and Heidi in front of the lions. There is a female lion behind him. I'm just glad that they are all in there and we were over here! 

We sat down to eat lunch across from the monkeys. They were having a shouting contest with the other monkeys and swinging from tree to tree. Really loud! They used to have the best corn dogs and french fries at this little food place but they said they didn't carry them anymore. So sad. Instead we got mushy fries and hamburgers that tasted like cardboard. Boo!! At least I brought some food for the girls to eat!

Nokie was super tired near the end of our visit. She is used to taking her naps much earlier and did not feel like being at the zoo anymore. She was pretty happy though when Dane put her on her shoulders. After seeing the elephants we pretty much did a speed walk through the rest of the zoo. On the way home, Heidi was out in two seconds after walking/running the whole zoo. Nokie was a little over tired and finally fell asleep 20 min into the ride home and Nat only slept after everyone else fell asleep. So the ride home was pretty peaceful!

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Necole said...

Great picture of Dane, she's so pretty