Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year was kinda crazy! We were so behind before we ever got started! I totally blanked on getting pumpkins. When we finally remembered to go it was two days before Halloween. We have been going to the same pumpkin patch every year since before we even had the girls. It's a tiny cute little place but they love it. So I learned this year that if you wait till two days before Halloween to go to the pumpkin patch you will only have two options for a pumpkin...big and super big. Seriously...they were all huge. Needless to say we only got one giant pumpkin this year instead of the 4 we usually get. I figured I'd run to the grocery store and get a couple smaller ones that they always have around Halloween. Nope! They didn't have any either! It's okay though cause our one giant pumpkin turned out pretty cute.

On Halloween night the girls were so excited and so ready to go trick-or-treating! Shane ended up having to work late so they were dressed and ready to go, waiting by the front door for him to get home. Good thing for me is that gave me time to get pictures before they took off. :)


We used all the same costumes from Heidi's birthday. The girls actually loved getting to wear their costumes twice. :) It was a perfect night for trick-or-treating. The weather was perfect. Usually because it's so cold and the girls have been so little, we would only take the girls around the culdesac that we live near. This year they were way to big for that! Shane took them all the way around the neighborhood. I got tired after the normal section so I stopped back at the house and passed out candy. All in all it was a pretty fun year. The girls are already talking about what they are going to dress up as for the next 3 years. :)

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