Tuesday, November 12, 2013

County Fair

Last Sunday we took the girls to the fair. So much fun! They are seriously getting way too big. We got them an unlimited ride pass. Shane too. They wanted to go on every ride. When they were too short to go on a ride they were so sad! I think their favorites were the spinning rides. And the flying swings...they were super happy to go on those. I think because Shane didn't have to go with them. They loved going on the ride all by themselves. :)  My favorite part of course was getting a corn dog. There is nothing like a corn dog from a fair! Especially for a pregnant person. :) 
 Last year Heidi was too short for the Ferris Wheel so this year she was so so happy to get to go on it. 
 The flying swings
 This ride flung the girls all over the place

 Poor Natalie almost got a black eye from this ride. Her head flew forward and hit the safety bar. 
 The last ride was the merry go round. 
 Have you ever had an icee from a Koha Ice truck? Seriously soo good! Like a snow cone but the ice is softer. Another one of my favorite parts of the day. :)
I thought it was cute that they all had the same "tattoos" 

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