Sunday, October 28, 2012

No More Training Wheels!

This weekend was really great.  The whole weekend! Friday, Shane got off work early. We picked up Natalie from school and went straight to Costco. That in itself is fun for me. :) After Costco we grabbed dinner and then took the girls to the park. Shane decided it was time for Natalie to learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I was so shocked. She picked it up so quickly! She was riding after just a few tries. She just couldn't figure out how to stop. She would be doing great and then just stop peddling, fall over and cry. 

 The next morning we split up. Shane took Heidi to run some errands and I took Natalie to the mall to buy her some winter clothes. That girl is getting taller and taller everyday and none of her clothes fit! I waited as long as I could to get her some warmer clothes and finally decided to go once I got a great coupon for Crazy8. We found so many cute outfits and had such a great Mommy/Natalie morning. We stopped by Starbucks and sat together talking while she ate her cake pop and I drank my coffee. It was just perfect. Then we met Shane and Heidi at Five Guys for lunch before heading back to the park. Heidi didn't like that Natalie got to ride a bike without training wheels and she didn't so we took hers off too. Seriously...she picked it up right away too! Both of the girls did really great! 
 Cake pops at Starbucks and a full bag full of clothes. :)
 I forgot my sunglasses at home so I borrowed Heidi's
 Lunch with Daddy
 Heidi with no training wheels!

Then this morning we took them to a different park. This one had paths for them to bike on instead of just grass. Natalie did not want to go on the sidewalk! She was scared to death of falling and getting hurt. Shane worked with the girls and after about 20 minutes they were racing down the sidewalk! I have to say it's a weird feeling to teach your first born (and second) how to ride a bike. It made me feel so old! My girls are so big!

 After naps I was feeling kind of blah and decided to go for a run. We put the kids in the car and drove across the street to the highschool and used their track. Shane and I ran and the girls rode their bikes. So fun!! The girls went around and around. They didn't fall much and when the did they just got back up and kept going. When we were done we pulled out some kites from the back of the car. The girls were so excited! They have never flown kites neither actually! Natalie's kite worked perfectly but the one I got Heidi just didn't want to stay in the air. 
 Natalie went first and her's was really easy
 It stayed up in the air the whole time!

 Heidi was next but her's didn't work so well
 I got a good picture from the 2 seconds it was in the air :)

We had so much fun together. My girls would say..."This was the best day ever." 

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Kirk said...

I'm so proud of Nat and Heidi for doing so well on their bikes. Nat is getting so big and Heidi thinks she is. What a kid! Another fun day for the Yeager's. Love you. Daddy