Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October in a Nutshell :)

I've been so bad at blogging lately! I love to take pictures of the girls and our life....usually with my phone. But when I actually have the time to put them all on here I usually find other things to do instead. :) is a recap of the month of October.

 Our oven broke the day before Heidi's birthday. It took 2 weeks for an oven repairman to come see it and only 10 minutes for him to tell me it was fried and that I should buy a new one. Yikes! Our new one is pretty cool though and very pretty. :) It even has convection which I have no clue how to use!
 I also made strawberry jam for the first time. I didn't have all the canning equipment to cook it so I made freezer jam. Don't think it turned out how it was supposed to but I'm not really sure because I never made it before! It tastes good but it didn't really set. I will definitely try it again though!
 I love instagram! It takes my adorable pictures of the girls and makes them even cuter. :) 
 Natalie learned to tie her shoes! They are having a contest at her school right before they take Thanksgiving break and if you can tie your own shoes you get a prize. She really really wanted to learn and get her prize. :) I showed her two times and she figured it out. For some reason...probably from watching too many movies...I thought it would be a long drawn out process involving tears. Thankfully, not for us!! 
 A girls night that ended in ice cream at Baskin Robins. Yum!
 I looked over and Heidi was laying on the floor, singing to Violet. So cute!
 Shane and I went on a date night last weekend. We went to the ceramic art place and made Christmas stuff. The whole place was empty and we had a great time. Then we went to Bonefish to use our gift cards and had the best dinner. We both got specials instead of our usuals. Shane got seared tuna and I got panko orange roughy topped with crab. YUM!! 
 And while we were gone Gracie was the best babysitter ever!  
 We had family dinner night the other night and my mom made a lasagna big enough to feed a small army! Seriously...there were 13 people and we only ate 1/4 of the pan! It was amazing!!

 The weather has been absolutely amazing around here lately! The girls play outside whenever they can. There is seriously nothing sweeter than to see them swinging together. It makes a momma's heart happy!
 Today, Heidi and I met my parents at Steak N Shake for lunch. It just opened and none of us had ever been to one. It was super busy but it was much better than I thought it would be. I thought it was like a McDonalds but it was much better. We had a really nice time. :)

 We went to the pumpkin patch tonight after Shane got home from work and my camera battery died after ONE picture! I couldn't believe it. So messed up!! At least the one I got was a good one! I used my iphone after that because Heidi was feeling like posing for me. She kept running around to different spots asking me to take her picture. I love it when my girls are like that!
I made the best dinner ever tonight! I found the recipe on pinterest...what do you know?? It's called Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos and they are super easy and super yummy. I also made some pretty awesome guacamole too. Avocado, purple onion, tomato, cilantro, sour cream and kosher salt. :) 

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