Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dinner and a Camaro

Saturday morning we took the girls to get their soccer pictures taken. As soon as we got back Shane said he had to run a few errands and he and Erik left. They didn't tell us where they were going only that they would be back in a few hours. So Hollyann and I took the girls to lunch and then to the park. When we got home they went down for a nap and I still hadn't heard from the guys. They finally called at 3 and said they'd be a little bit longer. We had dinner reservations at a cool place downtown and we were going to leave at 5 so I was just hoping they would be back in time to get themselves changed! Colie got here at 5 and the boys showed up right after her. We went outside to take some pictures before we left and Shane pulled up in a yellow Camaro. It was so cool! I couldn't even believe it! He and Erik had driven all the way to Atlanta to rent a Camaro for the weekend. I really really love the look of the Camaro but I had never even been in one. Shane wanted my 30th birthday to be really memorable and it was! We took pictures by the cool car and then left for dinner. We went to Frog Hollow Tavern and it was amazing! Everything they serve is local and organic so their menu changes all the time. We got a bottle of wine and a couple appetizers. For dinner I ordered grouper and risotto, Shane got steak with asparagus and Erik and Hollyann got pork shoulder with mac & cheese. The best mac & cheese ever by the way...gouda cheese and lasagna noodles...whoa! We also had vanilla almond creme brule and lemon rind cheesecake. Yum! 
Shane pulling up in the car

 Sexy pose by the car :)

 At dinner with my birthday dessert 
Erik and Hollyann 

On our way home from dinner I decided that I wanted to drive the camaro. I told Shane I wanted a turn and he pulled over on the freeway and we switched seats. much. fun!! I took off my heals and drove with bare feet.  It was so easy to go really fast. The freeway was pretty empty so I got it up to 100 mph! The guys were chanting faster, faster but as soon as I hit 100 I put the breaks on. All I could think about was getting a ticket! It was so fun. Totally crazy and so fun. :)

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Kirk said...

So glad you had a very memorable Birthday and be able to share it all with Erik and Hollyann. I must say I sure am glad Shane rented the Camaro for you, very fun to drive! Love you. Daddy