Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Reveal :)

I finally finished the girls' room. It has taken WAY longer than I hoped but I guess that's how it goes. Now I'm just hoping my crazy girls don't knock/pull/yank the cute stuff down off the walls. :)

 From the hallway. I put both beds on the when Heidi rolls off she doesn't have far to go.  Also...this way toys can't get lost under the bed!
 The closet and the door to the hallway. This is the same dresser that my mom used growing up. I'm thinking about refinishing it but that will happen way later when I have more time! I put up a clock too so the girls will hopefully learn to stay in their room until it's time to wake up!!
 Heidi's side of the room. She has an H over her bed and her aqua flowers on the wall. The mirror has little hooks on it so I can hang their clothes out for the next morning. 
 Natalie's side. She has her N over her bed and butterflies hanging from the ceiling. I hung those shelves myself and they are even level! :) 

I got these cool letters for over the girls bed but I couldn't figure out how to hang them. Then I found these mirrors at Target for $5 and my mom had the great idea to glue the letters to the mirrors. I love how they turned out! 
 Natalie's Raffi
 Heidi's Puppy..yep...that's her actual name :)


mitzi said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it all Nena!!

Kirk said...

You did a fantastic job on the kids room and I love the idea of the letters of their names over their beds. You have the talent of your mother. Love you. Daddy