Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

Today was a long day! My girls were driving me nuts crazy! The poor things got to play in the snow yesterday morning but then it got really icy and they haven't been out of the house since.  We were all going a little stir crazy so Colie gave me a great idea. Make snow ice cream! I've never done that before but the kids thought it was a great idea. They were so excited. They got on their snow boots and jackets and headed out to get snow.  I told them they could only get snow off of the patio table. Who know what they would have brought in if I had let them loose in the backyard. :)
 Scraping snow off the table. It was covered in a good layer of ice so I helped break it up a little.
 Heidi stealing a bite before we got inside. :)
 All our snow. It was pretty icy but it seemed to work fine. I'm not actually sure what snow ice cream is supposed to look like but the kids liked it and that is pretty much all that mattered!
 I put peaches on top. Beautiful presentation, huh? Especially for kids who don't care. :)
 This is Heidi's smile while chewing look.
This is Natalie's smile while chewing look!


Necole said...

When it snows ya gotta make snow ice cream! I learned that in North Dakota when my kids were little, glad I could pass on the tradition to you :)
Love you sister!

Kirk said...

Yeah for Colie! What a great idea and the girls look so cute with their special treat. Love you. Daddy

Caryn said...

Natalie told me all about making yummy treats from the snow today...nice to see the pictures and how much they enjoyed them!