Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy Busy

It has been a busy weekend in the Yeager household. We are also now a diaper free household!! Yay!! We potty trained Heidi on Friday. Natalie spent the whole day and night with my mom. She loved it. They made bows for her hair together. When she got home she told me the whole process step by step. Very cute. 
With Natalie at my mom's we were able to just focus on Heidi. She has been asking to use the potty for a while now so she did really well when we finally let her. She pretty much ran around all day with no clothes on. :) Also very cute! While we were stuck in the house all day I organized the play room while Heidi copied Shane while he worked out. The cutest part was her hopping up and down trying to do jumping jacks. :) She didn't have any accidents at all the first day and only 1 the second day. I still haven't taken her out of the house much cause it's too hard to stay within 5 seconds of a bathroom at all times. :) 
I ran out to Target on Sunday to get some rain boots for the girls because the weatherman said we were going to get snow. Poor girls have just been getting their shoes and socks wet when we got any good rain or snow. I took Natalie with me and these are what she picked out.
It was a good thing I bought them cause the weatherman was right. We woke up this morning to snow. Natalie was so excited! She ran into my room this morning telling me there was snow all over the ground. It was pretty cold and wet so I just let the girls play in the backyard. They brought their spoons and ate the snow off of the slide. :) 
 Heidi all bundled up
 Natalie's favorite thing to do is eat snow. She LOVES it!! :)
They lasted about 45 min before coming in cause they were too cold. I had them get warm and cozy under their blankets.
 After peeling off all the extra layers. Look at that cute, diaper free booty! She is so tiny without all that extra padding!! I can't believe my little girls are getting so big!(sniff, sniff)


Kirk said...

You have the cutest kids ever. I love their snow boots, they have such great taste in accessories! (Are cute boots accessories?) I think Heidi Bear in her pink outfit is the best picture ever. Too bad we have so much ice. I miss seeing all y'all. Love you. Daddy

Caryn said...

Heidi looks like a model! You need to put those diapers right back on her little bottom...she looks waaaay too old!