Sunday, January 23, 2011

Being A Mom

What is wrong with this picture??
You might not actually notice but I have mascara on the right eye and not the left. I noticed this AFTER going to church this morning. I kept wondering what was wrong with my makeup cause something didn't look right. Anyway...I was putting on my makeup, I put mascara on one eye and noticed that Heidi was playing under the table with chewed up gum in a wrapper. I put my makeup down, cleaned her up, picked the gum out of the carpet and then left for church. I thought it was pretty funny when I finally noticed. :) 
Anyway...yesterday was a really fun day. We took the girls to Monkey Joe's for the first time. It's a place that has a whole bunch of Jolly Jumps in one room. It was actually way better than I though. Too expensive!! But still cool. They have free wi fi, tons of chairs...even some with massagers in them. The girls really loved it. Heidi liked staying in the little kid jumps. Natalie found her inner dare devil and went on everything. Even the huge slides. I was pretty impressed! We will definitely be back!
 These are kinda blurry iPhone pictures. But this is the kiddie jump. Heidi loved climbing over all the animals.
 This was a pretty big slide. This is Heidi climbing up the stairs. Natalie was showing her how to do it. Natalie loved it but Heidi wasn't so sure. Her heart was racing after she got down the slide! After that she was ready to go home. :)
 After this one Natalie decided to go on the really big slide. I could not believe how adventurous she was!!
Natalie and Heidi playing together in the kiddie area. They really had such a good time! Next time we are stuck in the house and they are driving me crazy we are heading to Monkey Joes!!

Then last night, Dana and I went to a Girlfriends party at church. It's a new thing they are starting that I guess is international. It's just a way to get together with other women, have fun and relax. We got to have a catered dinner and ended up sitting with the nicest ladies. I met a lady who had 2 kids the same ages as mine and we are going to try to have a play date soon. :) After dinner they had stations set up all over the room with different things. They had a beauty section where you could try out hand scrubs and lotions, a card making station, a game station, a starbucks station, a hang out on the couch and talk station and even a wii station. It was just a really fun night. I got myself a coffee went to a couple stations but pretty much stayed on the couch talking. I loved meeting so many new people!! Hopefully they will do it again too. So fun!! :)

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Kirk said...

Where is Monkey Joe's? It looks like the girls had a great time there. Glad you enjoyed yourself at the ladies church night. I've been meaning to ask Pooh Bear if she enjoyed herself but, as you know, it gets a little loud and hectic here at times. Love you. Daddy