Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Day of Preschool

So yesterday, my little Heidi Bear, my youngest child, started preschool. You would think this would be a  tear occasion but no...it was great! Heidi has been wanting to go to school since Natalie started school 2 years ago. These last two weeks that Natalie's been in school have been killer around here. Heidi just wanted to be in school already! Having to wait those extra two weeks more than Natalie just about did her in I think. We had lots and lots of crying and whining and sneaking and getting into trouble these last two weeks and this mommy is SUPER happy that school has started! :) Heidi had been counting down all week and that morning all she wanted to do was get there already. We got Natalie ready and off to school and then I got Heidi ready in her first day of school outfit. The cutest thing ever by the way! And then I took a ton of pictures. 

Heidi, by the way, is not into getting her picture taken. Trying to get that girl to smile for the camera is hard work! When we got to the school she told me to just drop her off like I do with Natalie.  Seriously??? I told her that's not how preschool works...I have to walk her in every day. When she gets to Kindergarten she can walk in by herself. Anyway...so I grabbed a few more pictures before walking her in and then I got a kiss and a wave and she was off. So so happy to finally be at school!

So then to celebrate actually having free time, my friend Sarah and I spent the day going out for coffee, shopping at Target and even grabbing lunch before coming back to pick up our girls. It was such a fun way to spend the day! We had a great time together while both of our girls had a great first day of school!
After I picked up Heidi I took her to get a cakepop at Starbucks so she could tell me all about it. She got to play with shaving cream. She didn't get to play outside because it was raining but she did get to play in the gym and that was really fun. She didn't get to sit by Winnie at lunch. She didn't get in trouble. And do I know when they are going to give her a candy for being good?? Such a funny kid! 

Then for dinner I made her her favorite...linguini and clam sauce with crusty bread and a salad with ranch dressing. It was that or macaroni and cheese. :)

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