Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School

I can't believe school has started already! Georgia starts way too early in my opinion but I think everyone starts earlier than they did when I was a kid. Anyway...Natalie started school on Tuesday. She was so excited! She and Heidi couldn't sleep the night before and they were soo tired when they had to get up early for school. I remembered how crowded and crazy it was last year so I made sure we were ready to go early. We took pictures and headed to the school about 15 minutes before you could start going in. There were already a million people there and no place to park! Thankfully this year wasn't at all emotional like last year. Last year I couldn't believe my little girl was in school and I cried and cried. This year I walked her to her classroom, gave her a hug and she just ran to her brand new desk. So cute!

After school was insane too. I got there 15 minutes before school got out and there was already a line out of the school. It took forever to get her! Poor Heidi was exhausted from her late night and fell asleep in the car. She did not want to wake up either. :)

We went straight to my mom's house where Aunt DeDe had cupcakes for all the girls. So yummy!! 

By the time they finished their cupcakes, Shane got home from work and we all went to dinner to celebrate. Red Robin of course! It's always the girls 1st choice. :) We had a yummy dinner and tried to get Natalie to tell us about her day. She is already giving us nondescript answers. She had fun at recess. Her teacher is nice. Oh and they played with play-doh. So overall I guess she likes 1st grade. :)

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