Saturday, January 19, 2013

Best Day Ever

Today was seriously so much fun. First planned family fun day...success! We took the girls to Snow Mountain in Atlanta today. It was a 2 hour drive and we stopped at Chipotle for lunch before heading over. Shane and I were really looking forward to a nice lunch but the kids didn't quite agree. After the tears and tantrums and a few bites from each of them we headed to the fun. :) Thankfully...the rest of the day was much much better! 
First we went to the Snow Village. There was a snow machine spewing snow everywhere. They had a couple of small sledding areas too. We threw snowballs and the kids dug in the snow. They went down the small sledding ramps a few times. Then we headed to the big sledding. They had a couple lanes closed because they melted, about 4 ramps for the single riders and 3 ramps for the family or group riders. We did the family one much fun! Then Natalie wanted to go by herself, so Shane took her and I stayed with Heidi. She is still a little too short. Natalie loved going by herself and wanted to go again so the next time I went with her. Not as fast as the family rides but still fun. Then we took the sky rail to the top of Stone Mountain. The kids loved the ride and the top of the mountain was really cool. You could see so far! Heidi made me a little (or a lot) nervous. She was running and jumping like we were in a playground and not on the top of a mountain! When we finished walking around we took the sky rail back down, went down the big family ramp one last time and then let them play in the Snow Village one more time before heading home. This time we got some complaints from the girls there! :) As soon as we got home, I got them both into bed and they were out cold within minutes. Such a great day! :) 

 At the top of Stone Mountain
 Ready to go sledding


 Shane and Natalie 
 Downtown Atlanta in the background

 In the family inner favorite part of the day!

 Snow Angels are highly overrated. :)

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