Friday, January 18, 2013

He Did It!

Yesterday was Shane's last class for his Masters. Yay!! His graduation ceremony isn't until April but I wanted to do something small to celebrate. I invited his brother and sister and Colby, Dane and Colie. We all surprised him when he walked in the door, clapping and congratulating him. It was so awesome. It was pretty late and we are planning a big party when he has his ceremony but it was just enough time for a toast! :) 

 Shane was pretty excited to be finished too. :)
 Cheers! You did it and you're awesome!!
I am so so proud of Shane for working like crazy to do this. This past year and a half was insane and super busy with him working, studying and going to class. He did such a great job! I am so happy that he is finally done though and that I get my husband back! For the next few months we don't have anything planned except for lots and lots of family time. :)

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Kirk said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Shane!!! What an accomplishment for him and for you too. 18 months of Shane either working or studying did not leave a lot of time for family and everyday life. You both deserve super kudos!! Enjoy your new life. Love you. Daddy