Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's That Time Again

It's soccer season again! This year is kind of insane. We have practice every Tuesday and games every Friday but this year Natalie moved up to the U7 league. So we have Heidi's practice/games that Shane is coaching at 5:30 and Natalie's practice/games at 6:15. It makes eating dinner very difficult! We have to eat super early because as soon as we get home the kids get right into the bath and then straight to bed. The girls love it though and it's only for a little over a month so it's totally worth it. 
They had their first game on Friday and they did awesome! Heidi did great. She scored for the first time since playing soccer. And...she did it twice! She ran the ball down from the other end of the field three times but the first time she tripped 5 feet from the goal and another kid got the ball. She is so much more focused this year and so much fun to watch!

Natalie did awesome too. She is with the bigger kids now and they actually have some strategy and teach positions instead of just "go for the ball." They are much more competitive which makes me a little nervous. Natalie actually fell and on her way to the ground got kicked in the ribs. Poor thing! She started crying but within 3 minutes was back in the game. She didn't want to sit on the sidelines! I was so proud of her!

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