Friday, February 3, 2012

Aunt Eva

Yesterday Shane's Great Aunt Eva went home to be with Jesus. She was more like a grandmother to him and really just an overall amazing woman. She and her husband Reuben were married for 71 years and are an inspiration to everyone they knew. I think my favorite thing about her was that she said whatever was on her mind. She was always feisty no matter the occasion! She loved her family and her home was always open. I loved hearing all her stories...she was actually at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked! She was on the other side of the island and I remember her telling me that the planes flew so low to the ground that she could see the eyes of the pilots. We are really going to miss her but I am so happy that she is not in any pain and that we will see her again someday! 
 The first time we took Natalie out to California for a visit
 The following year I think...Natalie was 2 
 Rose Marie and Aunt Eva at the family reunion a year ago
 One of my favorite pictures
Aunt Eva and Uncle Reuben

We love you Aunt Eva! 

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