Sunday, February 26, 2012

Augusta Half Marathon

Shane ran a half marathon this morning. It was really really cold too! He left early to park and get ready to run. Colie and I drove down a little later so the girls wouldn't have to wait so long. I got them all bundled up in their layers and hats and gloves. We parked and were there 15 min before the first person crossed the finish line. We had fun cheering for everyone who ran by! Rose Marie, Sabrina and Jayden came too and we were all there waiting for Shane to cross the finish line. He was thinking that he'd finish at 1 hour and 45 min but crossed at 1:41. 
 Waiting for Daddy....the girls were so cold! Heidi didn't even want to talk to anyone...she just wanted to be held.
 Colie and Heidi...the only smile we got out of her all morning. :)
 Heidi, Natalie, Me and Sabrina
 Rose Marie and Jayden moved to the other side into the sun!
 Shane coming around the bend...he's in the white shirt 
 This is when he spotted us cheering and waving

 After he finished running and scarfing down some food!
Sabrina, Me and Shane...such a good picture :)


Kirk said...

I sure wish we could have been there too cheering in the cold. Shane looks like it was a walk in the park. I guess he's ready for the Atlanta Marathon now. Love you. Daddy

Sabrina said...

Love the pictures! Except for my double chin ;) I want to blog like you when I grow up...hehe