Monday, April 18, 2011

My Birthday!

I know I am two days behind but it has been a CRAZY couple days! Colie came down from Alaska and surprised us all! I have no idea how you fly 11 hours and surprise people but she did. So we have been having so much fun just hanging out. Friday was my birthday and it was perfect. Shane took care of everything all day. He got up with the kids, cleaned the house, decorated and then cleaned up again after everyone left. That alone made it perfect! My parents brought over home made taquitos and chimichungas that were amazing. Colie made me a chocolate cake for dessert. was a perfect day! :)
First Colie took a bunch of pictures...
 I love all these pictures of the girls! They looked so cute. :)
 Our family picture
All the girls...we are just missing Gracie!!
 The family eating our yummy dinner. It was way better than you can even imagine!
 Shane bought me the stupid candles that don't blow out. After I already blew them out he wanted me to do it again. I didn't think that was such a great idea. :)
 My birthday cards from the girls
 A cute t-shirt from Aunt Marilyn and Photoshop from Colie. I was just a little surprised! Now I just have to figure out how to use it!!
 Shane bought me a stand mixer. I was soo excited! I have been wanting one of these since I was probably 11. I was so surprised and so happy!!
 And the perfect way to end the day...chocolate cake!

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Kirk said...

Your Birthday was so much fun and Mom and I loved cooking everything for your dinner. I can see a problem with your new stand mixer though, like gaining 30 lbs eating all your delicious baked goods!! Love you. Daddy