Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Beautiful Day

The weather here has gotten so nice! Spring is in full force and thankfully the humidity has not started. :) The girls played in the backyard while I made dinner and then after dinner we all went outside to play. I pushed the girls on the swings. Natalie's hair kept getting in her face so I put it in a quick ponytail. I thought she looked pretty cute. 
Then I decided to give Heidi a haircut. I pulled a chair outside and cut her hair while Natalie played in the grass. The beginning was easier than the end cause she was getting restless. It turned out pretty decent and hopefully it will be a little cooler for her this summer. 
 I don't even know if you can tell from the front but I took a good chunk off. was a nice night.


Bree said...

Hey! I hope you and Heidi are feeling better. I loved your post about the Master's especially because I am sitting here catching up on blogs while my husband is watching the Masters. I'll keep an eye out for your dad and Shane. Your girls are so cute and you are quite the cook. I wish I lived closer so you could teach me. =)

Kirk said...

Your babys are soooooooooo cute and I think Heidi Bear looks wonderful with her new haircut. I think you should take the State Board like Dana! Love you. Daddy