Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

It was such a great Mother's Day! In the morning we went to Shane's mom's house. We hung out with his parents, Sabrina and her boys. Shane made us pancakes for breakfast. I had to share mine with Heidi. :) The kids played and we all got to chat and hang out. It was really nice. Then we came home, put the girls down for a nap and Shane got some studying in. He has a really big test today and tomorrow that he has been keeping him very busy! 

When the girls woke up we headed to my parents house. I forgot my camera both times...I hate that!! Honestly I didn't even think to bring it but when the girls were swimming I really wanted to get pictures of them so I borrowed Dana's. That is why I have all these great pictures from my parent's house and none from Shane's parent's house. Anyway...we had a lot of fun at my parents. The pool was way too cold for me but I'd rather take pictures anyway. The girls really love the pool. Natalie more so at the moment but I think that is just because it is still pretty cold. Natalie has this really cool bathing suit that she can swim in without help from anyone else. My friend Hollyann gave it to me but I can't find them anywhere to get more. The one I bought for Heidi at Target just didn't cut it. 


We bought my mom a pair of shoes for Mother's Day. She bought Natalie those green sandals with the big flowers on them and I actually found the same shoes for adults. Too funny! Natalie was so excited to have the same shoes as Mammy!


The food was so amazing! My parents always go all out with food. It might be because the only shows they watch on tv are on the Food Network! :) We had meatballs with cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo in a chip that was grilled for an appetizer. How crazy is that? Dad made fru fru drinks...translation...fruity drinks that should have a mini umbrella in them. We had chimichangas and taquitos for dinner.!! Overall a wonderful day. Shane said I get my mother's day next sunday. :)

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