Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heidi Turns 4

My sweet girl is 4 years old today! Her party is Saturday but today we did a few special things because she knew it was her birthday. She keeps saying, "Today I'm 4 (she actually says pour) but my real birthday is on Saturday cause no people are coming today." So cute!! I just want to squeeze her!! Anyway...we went to the park to take her 4 year old pictures and then she got to play for a while. We did her 4 year old interview that I do with the girls on their birthday every year. After Shane got home from work we all went to Red Robin and the sang to her. She loved it! And then finally before she went to bed we measured her to see how much she's grown. 

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Kirk said...

Heidi Bear is so cute. I'm surprised she said her favorite food was a sandwich, unless she meant a Hotdog in a Bun! Love you Daddy